Want A Luxury Car Without Breaking the Bank? Try Leasing!


So, you want to ride in style, but you think that getting a new luxury car is going to break the bank? Think again! Leasing a car can make high-end comfort — 2018 luxury cars like the Mercedes Benz GLA — easily affordable, meaning that you could be behind the wheel of your dream car in no time, with cash to spare. 

Put simply, you can get much more for your money when you lease a car. If you buy a luxury car, the initial down payment and then the monthly loan payments can be pretty high. Leasing is better because the down payment on a lease can be a fraction of what it is when you purchase, and your monthly lease paymentsare also going to be significantly less. You don’t have to settle for buying a beaten up, used old car, that will likely only last you a few years anyways; you can afford to ride in comfort and style!

Don’t forget the tax advantages when you lease, too: if you buy a car, you have to pay tax on the entire value of the vehicle; but with leasing, you only pay sales tax on your monthly payments, not on the entire value of the car. This dramatically reduces the amount of tax you pay on your car. Not only that, but if you are also a business or entrepreneur, you can deduct your monthly leasing payments as a business expense. 

It’s never been more affordable to have 2018 luxury cars like the BMW 5 Series. When you work with a great dealership that you trust, you know you’ll be in safe hands, as skilled and experienced representatives will help hook you up with the best car for you and then the best deal. Not only is the deep knowledge of the representatives invaluable, but don’t forget that when you work with a dealership that has in-house administration, the benefits of leasing a luxury car double, because the whole financing process is streamlined, working in your favour. You can be sure you’re getting the best deal, and so saving even more money – it just makes sense.

In the end, leasing is the wiser option because you know you’ll be able to afford to ride in style. When you lease, you know you can always have the latest and greatest luxury car, because you can upgrade every 2-4 years, which is awesome, because by 2020 there are going to be big advancements in cars. Leasing is a great way for you to get the most bang for your buck, opting to drive the newest, most fuel-efficient or fastest cars that the automotive industry has to offer. Think about it: you get a lower down payment, lower monthly bills and a lower tax rate – it's a no-brainer. And you can save even more if you're a business by deducting your payments. Any way you cut it, leasing just makes sense, so if you’re not already behind the wheel of a brand new luxury car, visit a dealer today.