What is a Luxury Membership – and Are They Worth It?


We all seek to belong to something. Whether that thing is a relationship, a friend group, a fandom or wider community, seeking connections is a key part of the human condition. It is also a vital part of growing as a person and a business – to say nothing of the status that certain memberships can confer.

Indeed, exclusive and luxury memberships are an aspirational goal for a great many in the US, being paragons for connectivity and belonging. There are over nine thousand country clubs domestically, a number that speaks to the popularity of membership and luxury. But what does it mean for you, personally and professionally?

Exclusive Clubs

Typically speaking, luxury memberships describe membership into an exclusive club, i.e.: a member’s club that confers unique benefits and accesses for its entry requirements and fee. There may also be other eligibility requirements that denote whether or not you are allowed access to a given club.

In the US, these clubs are most visible in the form of country clubs, that traditionally existed as a network for casual sporting but quickly become the networking and socializing epicenter of the upper classes. However, for the real rich and famous, whether business elites or A-listers, there are other classes of exclusive member’s club available, that afford their own special boons to eligible monied members.

The Personal Benefits of Membership

But what might you get out of membership to an exclusive club such as those mentioned above? There are numerous benefits, both personal and professional – but first, we will examine the personal benefits such memberships afford. Essentially, members’ clubs are social in nature, no matter the money or prestige attached to them. This makes them an excellent place to make new friends and connections, particularly with people that share your interests.

This is brilliant for personal development, enabling you to feel enriched both socially and culturally. If you are a golfing enthusiast and have the money to spare, finding like-minded folks in your salary bracket could take you from lonely golfing holidays to summers with new friends, taking private planes to coveted golf courses and clubs the world over.

The Professional Benefits of Membership

These benefits extend into the professional realm as well, allowing you to benefit not just with regard to your personal and social health but also with your standing as a business owner, leader or professional. In networking with like-minded people, you are likely to encounter other people with their own connections. Where your ideas and needs align, you are then able to maximize the efficacy of these connections and grow your standing as a business or individual.

Not only this, but your association with a club of such exclusivity and pedigree will have its own implicit impacts on your business or professional standing. By being a member, and by advertising that in the right way, your business dealings attain a similar sense of exclusivity and pedigree.