What Is 'Modern Love'?

05/09/2021 by

In a recent study orchestrated by 360 Market Reach on behalf of Platinum Guild International USA, researchers posed an open-ended question to a pool of 1,000 fine jewelry buyers ranging from Baby Boomers to Gen Z consumers: what is 'modern love'? The responses they received were as varied as the participants, yet 89% of participants agree that the partners in a committed relationship should always bring out the best in each other, and 75% think that love should be an equal partnership that transcends any sort of gender expectations or stereotypes. When looking at the data generationally: 47% of Baby Boomers felt that modern love does not require a couple to be married to show a lifelong commitment, as opposed to 37% of Gen Xers, Millennials and Gen Zers. Boomers may not be as old school in thinking as previously thought. 

When considering the ideal engagement ring and wedding band, more than half of respondents want the inclusion of a natural diamond and half prefer a design on the band. For those women who were fully involved in the engagement ring selection process, 81% indicated that their ring matches their ideal choice. Overall, nearly 3 out of 4 participants feel that the wedding band is a "must-have" when getting married.

Of those surveyed who purchased any type of fine jewelry before or during the pandemic, 59% acquired jewelry to give to their significant other or spouse. However, half of those surveyed bought jewelry for themselves! These responses were resounding across genders, as well as generations.

"Our study demonstrates that wedding bands and fashion jewelry play a significant role in any type of relationship today, whether it's between a couple or self-love," says Jenny Luker, President of Platinum Guild International USA. "Platinum jewelry is the perfect reflection of modern love since it's timeless, durable, and holds a diamond most securely. From a pair of classic stud earrings to an intricate wedding band, you can find a myriad of styles in a variety of prices too."