Why Your Engagement Ring Is More Important than You Think


When getting ready to ask the girl of your dreams to marry you, the first thing that probably comes to mind is what kind of ring you want to have in hand. You may be worried about where you’ll pop the question, whether or not you should go down on one knee to make it more traditional and also you may be afraid of her response. All of those things are important, but you might want to take a bit of extra time choosing the right ring for the occasion. Engagement rings are more important than you might ever begin to imagine.

Symbolism over Fashion

Before you even begin to go looking for an engagement ring to present her with, consider the fact that this ring is meant as a token of your undying commitment to her and to your life together as man and wife. What does that mean to you? What do marriage and commitment mean to the lady of your dreams? Once you have determined this, it’s important to find the right stone and the right setting which embodies what you envision your lives together will mean.

Diamonds Are Often Overrated

Because the diamond signifies eternity, most young men choose a diamond engagement ring which is the traditional and consequently most popular stone. However, diamonds are overrated in more ways than one! Did you know that karat for karat, a diamond is not the most valuable stone you could choose? Most people think a perfect diamond is more valuable than a perfect emerald, for example, but actually, when weight and quality is equal, emeralds can cost more than twice what an equivalent diamond can cost.

Emeralds Are Perfect for Young Couples

Having said that, fashionable emerald engagement rings are often the better choice for young couples because the emerald has a mystical meaning in many cultures that is ideal for the promise being made here. In addition, ancient Egyptians saw the emerald as symbolic of fertility and if a young couple is looking to start a family, an emerald speaks to their hearts with the promise of a future filled with children. If you are of Irish descent, an emerald engagement ring with Celtic bands at the wedding is a perfect choice all the way around.

Merging Tradition with Symbolism and Fashion

There is no reason why you can’t choose a ring with a center stone with meaning, traditional diamonds within the setting and a design that is fashionable by today’s trends. This is an important day in your lives together going forward at some point as man and wife, so take the time to find a ring that says it all. Whether you have one designed, buy a setting previously crafted, or simply want to choose a ring ready to go, your choice is important so make it count. It isn’t always all about expense, but it is always about meaning. You mean to make this woman as your wife so choose an engagement ring that speaks to her and her consent may be quicker than you expected, but also filled with the promise of many happy years ahead as husband and wife. An engagement ring really is much more important than you think.