Choosing Wedding Jewelry That Reflects Your Sense Of Style


When Emma Stone got engaged in December 2019, her engagement ring - featuring a central pearl instead of a diamond, and tiny accent diamonds to bring out the pearl’s pristine beauty - broke with decades of tradition and highlighted the millennial penchant for meaningful jewelery. Interesting, pearls have traditionally been linked to a happy marriage, and are therefore often incorporated, to some extent, into a bride’s big day. However, there is no doubt that the 2000s saw the rise of the rock - ‘the bigger the better’ seemed to be the motto of brides like J-Lo, Hailey Bieber, or Priyanka Chopra. The past few years, however, have seen sparks of individuality shine in celebrity weddings - a trend that is predicted to grow stronger as millennial and Gen-Z brides and grooms start looking forward to saying ‘I do’

In Pursuit Of Color

Transparent diamonds were once the standard choice for engagement rings, but today, fiancées are feeling freer to incorporate color in their chosen designs. Just a few celebrities who have opted for the magic of color include Javier Bardém and Penélope Cruz (the actress wears a stunning blue sapphire engagement ring), Eric Johnson and Jessica Simpson (who chose a scarlet ruby stone as the central piece of Jessica’s engagement ring), and David and Victoria Beckham (who went with an emerald sparkler). Because engagement rings are worn on your wedding day, the pop of color can complement the simplicity of a wedding band beautifully.

Family Heirlooms Hold Sway

A great way to make your wedding jewelry personal is to wear an heirloom belonging (or once belonging) to a family member. Diamond engagement rings as proposal presents actually hail back to the 15th century, so the chances are, you may have access to more than one interesting piece from a grandparent or even a great-grandparent. Traditional pieces making a comeback include pearls, blue jewelry (such as sapphires, aquamarines and topaz) and intricate floral diamond pieces. Many brides enjoy incorporating elements from their culture into their big day: in terms of jewelry, interesting traditions include wearing 16 pieces of jewelry (a Hindu Indian tradition) or wearing silver (worn by the Dong people in Southwest China on their wedding day).

Bespoke Styles

Stylish fiancées are taking to design to ensure their future spouse has a ring that is truly representative of personal style and taste. A bespoke ring is also an ideal way to add meaning to one of the most important days of a couple’s life together. Just a few designers-in-the-making include Brad Pitt, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi (Princess Beatriz of England’s spouse), and Emily Ratajkowski (who designed her own ring).

Diamond-Studded Wedding Bands

Some fashionistas complain about the simplicity of traditional wedding bands. Thankfully, those into designer styles have a wide array of choices - including wedding bands in black gold, geometric-shaped bands, and of course, sparkly pavé diamond wedding bands. Bearing in mind that stacking (alongside minimalism) is one of the biggest trends of the decade, it makes sense for one’s wedding band to be adaptable and beautiful even when worn on its own.

Bridal jewelry once conformed to very strict norms which have given way to a more personalized approach. This change is in line with younger generations’ emphasis on imbuing their big day with meaningful touches and images. Sartorial brides and grooms can ensure their jewelry expresses their own sense of style by designing their own pieces, wearing vintage pieces, or even jazzing up traditionally simple items such as wedding bands.