Private dining and experience marketplace, Phantom Phood, expands to New York City

08/09/2022 by

Phantom Phood, the next generation marketplace for curating private dining experiences, launched in New York City as part of their rapid nationwide expansion. The Phantom Phood platform enables customers to select local chefs, mixologists, and venues to curate bespoke private dining experiences simply & seamlessly. 

Founded and headquartered in San Francisco during peak restrictions of the pandemic, Phantom Phood was created to support customers looking to fill their need for human face to face interaction while also enabling those most impacted by the pandemic restrictions; chefs, mixologists & venues. With the mission to evolve the human experience through food, Phantom Phood is growing rapidly to meet both consumer & business demand in San FranciscoLos Angeles, and New York City with plans to grow internationally in the beginning of 2023. 

Every city that Phantom Phood enters, an ecosystem of chefs and mixologists are enabled & inspired. Phantom Phood is also dedicating itself to creating sustainable food systems by educating consumers, chefs, mixologists, and venues around the right ingredient sourcing and joining the fight in reducing food waste. For more information, visit their website at: