The World's Only $10,000, 24-Karat Gold Cannabis Cigar

on 06/28/2018 - 01:27 pm

It is truly an incredible smoke: 28 grams of sought-after Tangie flower, wrapped in solvent-free hash rosin, then covered in a layer of premium cannabis fan leaves, and finally wrapped in a layer of 24-karat, edible gold leaf.

For the connoisseur smoker, this cigar is like a unicorn–-everyone wants one, but most want to keep it safe and treasure such beauty. The meticulous work that went into creating it is something everyone will appreciate.

Custom-made cigars are becoming a trend for those who want to indulge in more refined things. These make for the perfect gifts for the collector who already has everything else. Because of the rarity of these cigars, they’re well worth the buy.

Diego Pellicer – Washington today announced that it has sold its first $10,000 cannagar. While the "El Dorado" Gold Cannagar, commissioned exclusively for Diego Pellicer, has just found a connoisseur to savor it, additional custom-made, one-of-a-kind cannagars can be conjured and ordered from Diego Pellicer in Seattle, 2215 4th Ave S.

"Whether they choose to indulge in a luxurious custom-made cannagar as a keepsake, or savor every moment of its smoke, whomever becomes a caretaker of one of these fine cannagars is in for an experience beyond words," said Alejandro Canto, chief operating officer, Diego Pellicer – Washington. "Our first commissioned 'El Dorado' Gold Cannagar flushes the senses with a tangerine orchard from the Tangie flower while the formidable 15-inch-long cannagar ensures 20 hours of pleasure as smokers sparkle their way to bliss."

For those who cannot quite get to that price tag, learn about other options from online resources like Cigar Amigo. They’ll undoubtedly feature a cigar or two that’ll tantalize the senses.

The Cannagar Connoisseur's Accoutrements

In addition to the best-in-class flower from award-winning Gold Leaf Gardens and striking gold wrapper, the "El Dorado" Gold Cannagar features a 14-karat gold band plus a 24-karat gold cutter and torch all packaged in its own humidor. It has been expertly crafted by Leira and comes with a sealed certificate of authenticity.

With all these added luxuries, someone who owns a cannagar like that will be the talk of the town at the next cigar club meeting. After all, a cigar of that standard is meant to be shared with good friends while sipping a drink. Slowly savor all the beautiful flavors while in the company of those who can appreciate it with you.  

"Diego Pellicer is a premium marijuana brand and our customers have come to expect the best," said Ron Throgmartin, chief executive officer of Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc., the branding and retail development company for Diego Pellicer – Washington. "This Gold Cannagar is truly the highest quality possible and the essence of what makes the Diego Pellicer experience stand out from the rest."

In addition to custom cannagars for order, other fine Leira cannagars available at Diego Pellicer in Seattle include; the "Cannarillo," $100; the "Corona," $420; and, the "Ambassador," $1600. Remember that cannabis products may not be welcome everywhere, but sometimes the best things in life are best shared at home, and this shouldn’t stop you from ordering your Diego Pellicer masterpiece.

Moreover, people will all prefer specific tastes and flavors, so discuss the various options with experts to find the perfect addition to your cigar collection.

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