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The World's Only $10,000, 24-Karat Gold Cannabis Cigar

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It is truly an incredible smoke: 28 grams of sought-after Tangie flower, wrapped in solvent-free hash rosin, then covered in a layer of premium cannabis fan leaves, and finally wrapped in a layer of 24-karat, edible gold leaf.

For the connoisseur smoker, this cigar is like a unicorn–-everyone wants one, but most want to keep it safe and treasure such beauty. The meticulous work that went into creating it is something everyone will appreciate.

Custom-made cigars are becoming a trend for those who want to indulge in more refined things. These make for the perfect gifts for the collector who already has everything else. Because of the rarity of these cigars, they’ ...

Royal Dragon Vodka - Most Expensive Vodka

Royal Dragon Vodka recently finalised a unique project called ‘The Eye of the Dragon’. Together with the highly specialised company in rare and fancy diamonds Scarselli from New York. For a period of 8 months we worked full-time with highly skilled artisans on it; A hand-blown 6 litre Royal Dragon Vodka bottle, surrounded and completed with a dragon design and topped with a 50,16 carat very rare, fancy intense yellow natural diamond and of course certified by the GIA. In total 14.788 diamonds are used to make this ‘Pièce Unique’, a ‘Piece of Art’ and exceptional Masterpiece. The GIA authorities made as well a unique ...